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For small business marketing is the lifeblood, it is important to understand that real marketing involves every aspect of your business including yourself. It is understandable that while marketing your business you want to make the most of the money you have budgeted for your advertising, therefore small business needs to plan wisely and slowly.

Spread the word
Networking is an important aspect, as it allows you to spread the word about your business. This may mean that you can join up local business groups and allow yourself to interact with different people. When you get opportunities to speak to small business groups or professional organizations then let nothing stop you from doing so.
Local Media
Take advantage of the media in the town or city you live in. This includes newspapers and magazines that are able to write profiles about businesses. Therefore make sure you contact your local newspaper pr magazine and request whether they would be interested in writing a profile about your business. Of course you must remember to be prepared for the interview and be aware of what your business has to offer.
Good offers
Make an offer that no other business has made, this may include giving a good away for free. Every costume likes the feeling of getting something for free. Foe example if your business involves sweets, then give some away to several different costumers.
Business Cards
It can be argued that business cards are the most underutilized tools for marketing your business. When creating your business card you need to know what valuable information you want on it. With a business card you can just hand it to anyone you want.
Use Internet
The internet has spread world wide, for that reason you should take advantage of it as much as you can. Thus, there is no excuse for not creating a professional website for your business. This allows people to find information about your business in their own homes. However, you must add all needed information about your business.

Ever thought about Video Marketing?

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Ok I am not how many of you have thought about this but video advertising is something many large businesses pay a lot of money for. As a small business owner you probably never thought about it because of its high costs. However the internet has broken these barriers and has enabled everyone and this includes Small Businesses to advertise through a video to their customers.

The great thing about this advertising method is that it’s free, as you probably guessed it I mean uploading a video of your business on video websites like Making a video and uploading is pretty easy and fast. Some videos on get millions of views from people world wide and a lot of them are nothing special if you watch them.

Ok to put this into prospective gets over 100 000 million hits a day and getting some of those visitors to view your business video will only do your business good. Upload your video on other video websites like Metacafe as well, don´t just limit yourself to So go ahead and give it a try.

I liked the video below from youtube, try and spend a few minutes viewing it because it is pretty informative.